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5 Things To Do With An American Flag

The United States Flag Code, first established in 1923, provides detailed guidelines for displaying, respecting, and ultimately retiring the flag. This blog delves into the proper practices for handling the...
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What The American Flag Represents

The American flag is a symbol of hope and pride for many people across the United States. For some, it represents the freedom that America was founded on, while for...
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American Flag Cleaning Guide

The American flag is a national symbol of pride and patriotism. It is also a cherished part of many people's homes. Although the flag is beautiful, it can become dirty...
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Understanding American Flag Day

Although it is not a federal holiday, American Flag Day is celebrated annually on June 14th. This day commemorates the adoption of the United States flag by the Second Continental...
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The American Flag

The American flag is a symbol of liberty and justice for all. It is made up of thirteen horizontal stripes, seven red and six white. These thirteen stripes represent the...
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Guidelines for Flying the American Flag

One of the most visible representations of America is the flag, which hangs in front of homes, businesses, and government buildings across the country. There are many rules and guidelines...
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Displaying The American Flag: A Quick Guide

Displaying The American Flag: A Quick Guide

Some people believe that there are strict rules for displaying the American flag, but there are actually only a few guidelines. Whether you're displaying the flag at your home or...
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American Boat Flags: The Complete Guide

Boat flags are an essential part of safe boating. They signal to other boats and the Coast Guard what your intentions are and help you communicate with others on the...
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5 Things To Know About The Betsy Ross Flag

The legend of Betsy Ross dates all the way back to 1776 when the seamstress reportedly met with George Washington to discuss designs for the American flag. She told the...
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Choosing An American Flag For Your House

The American flag is a sign of patriotism, independence and pride in this nation’s history. When choosing a flag for your home, it is important to decide where you are...
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Betsy Ross American Flag: A Quick History

Who Was Betsy Ross Betsy Ross was a skilled seamstress and upholsterer who lived in Philadelphia. She was born on January 1, 1752, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents were Quakers...
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American flag sizes

American Flag Sizes: Common Dimensions

When displaying your American flag, you should always research what the appropriate size is for the area you want to put it. Whether it is being flown on your front...
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