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Choosing An American Flag For Your House

The American flag is a sign of patriotism, independence and pride in this nation’s history. When choosing a flag for your home, it is important to decide where you are displaying it and from there you can choose the dimensions, styles, and fabrics that are appropriate for your home. When looking for a reputable flag store, it is important to choose one in the United States that uses American materials and employs skilled workers from the US. This will ensure the highest quality fabric and craftsmanship that is befitting this great symbol of independence. The most common size of flag bought for the home is 3’ x 5’ but there are also bigger sizes if the area it is being displayed is larger than average.

Displaying the American flag

Choosing a flag of the USA for display at your home can be a confusing experience. Some questions you need to ask yourself when deciding on the size of a USA flag include:
  • Is the flag going to be displayed outside?
  • Will it be raised on a flagpole or hung from a flagstaff?
  • If on a flagpole, how large is the area of display?
  • Is there more than one flag being displayed?
  • What is the height of the flagpole?
A good flag store should be able to help you with these questions and choosing the right dimensions. There are other questions that may arise from answering these ones which will help you decide on the US flag dimensions that are appropriate for your home.

Flags displayed outdoors

As previously mentioned, the standard sized flag for most homes is 3’ x 5’ if being displayed on a 15’ flagpole. If you already have a flagpole for your flag and it is well-suited to the area it is in, then your job is done. In some cases, a 3’x5’ flag might get lost in a large area, so you can decide to get a larger flag like a 4’x6’ or 6’x10’. If you are looking for the right flagpole for your flag or if you are mounting your flag on your front porch, then the dimensions below should help you:
  • 2 ½‘ x 4‘ flag on a 5’ house mount
  • 3’x 5’ flag on a 6’-8’ house mount
  • 3’x 5’ flag requires an 8’ to 19’ in-ground flagpole
  • 4’x 6’ flag requires a 20’ flagpole
  • 5’ x 8’ flag requires a 25’ flagpole
  • 6’ x 10’ flag requires a 30’ to 35’ flagpole
  • 8’ x 12’ flag requires 40’ to 49’ flagpole
These are approximations and you can judge yourself when you see the flag and pole together whether the sizes fit the location. Whichever size flag you decide on, make sure it is proportionate and not too big or too small. The flag of the USA is a symbol of courage, independence and sacrifice and should be displayed with respect and reverence in and outside your home. If your flag is in any way damaged or tattered, it should be fixed immediately so it is displayed at its best. The patriotic flag should never be used as anything but a flag and treated with care and dignity.

Materials used to make American flags


Flags made out of nylon are lightweight and easy to fly when there is a low wind. Most nylon flags come with UV-resistant ink to protect the vibrant reds, whites, and blues from the sun’s rays. Nylon is the most popular material for flags because it is inexpensive and lightweight enough to fly on the porch or hang up in the home.


If you live in an area with high winds and need a more durable flag, then purchase one that is made of polyester. These flags are usually 2 layers and special stitching for extra reinforcement. Polyester is the perfect material for flags that are displayed on boats and cars as well.


Cotton flags are the highest quality flags available and are mostly used for special occasions like the fourth of July or other commemorative days. They are the most expensive flags, but they are worth every penny as the colors on cotton flags are vibrant and really stand out. These flags should not be flown in inclement weather so they stay clean and pristine. When you purchase a cotton flag at a United States flag store, you know you are getting American-made, high-quality materials.
When you want to show your patriotism and fly an American flag at home, it is important to get the right size and material to display it with pride.
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