Our Story

American Sewn. American Flown.

Flagship Founders

When Wes, Katie, and Max set out to buy an American flag for their homes, they hit a snag—they couldn’t find high-quality American flags that supported American jobs. Flags produced outside our borders? That did not sit right. 

Driven by disappointment, they embarked on a mission: to craft flags worthy of the nation's colors and to bring jobs back to Americans. And so in 2018, from a garage in Charleston, SC, Allegiance was born.

What We Stand For

We believe in doing the right thing, even when it’s hard. We show integrity and respect to our customers, team, and fellow American partners. We don’t promise, we prove.

100% made in AMERICA

When we say 100%, we mean 100%. We source only the best materials from manufacturers across America—then it all gets sewn and assembled right here in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Reviving American Textiles

Countless seamstresses lost their jobs due to overseas manufacturing. We’re bringing those jobs back! When you choose Allegiance, you’re choosing to support American jobs and a 100% American supply chain.

American-made U.S. flags

with our hand over our heart

We craft premium American-made products with a deep respect for tradition. Don’t settle for flags produced outside our borders.

Every stitch.
Every hem.
Every thread.

Made the American Way.

Meet the Founders

They're a fun-loving bunch who love their country. But making the American flag is serious business and a task they don’t take lightly. Every stitch. Every hem. Every thread. They’re all the most important part because they make up the whole.

Max Berry


Katie Lyon


Wes Lyon


Show Your Allegiance

Help keep American jobs in America.