Please watch this video for instructions on mounting your bracket to brick.

You are able affix the bracket with the below details:

Anchors- In addition to screws, three plastic anchors are included with each bracket. Anchors are most commonly used for concrete/ brick mounting, but it can be used for wood if you desire. Not a requirement though.


Drilling And Installing Anchors- Once level and in the desired location, use a pencil or marker to mark where you'll drill your holes. Make sure to only drill into brick for a more sturdy connection, not the mortar. Using the 3/16" drill bit, drill your three holes. Next, gently tap in the plastic anchors with a light hammer. Be sure not to hammer too hard or force the anchor in if your hole is not wide enough. If resistance is too much and the plastic anchor is bending, remove the anchor and carefully widen the hole with your 3/16" drill bit. Then gently tap again and the anchor should fit snugly into place.


Drill Bit- 3/16" drill bit is the correct size for your hole if using the plastic anchors. If you are drilling into concrete/ masonry, you will need a masonry drill bit. Click here for an example.


Screwing In- Once holes are drilled, anchors are flush with the wall and your bracket is in position, begin to screw in screws using a screwdriver. The fit should be snug and as the screws twist in, they will enlarge the anchor inside the wall for a final and sturdy fit. Once the pole has been inserted, screw in the set screw on the side of your black bracket to firmly hold the pole in place.


Allegiance Flag Supply proudly stands for many things: American jobs, American craftsmanship and American entrepreneurship—all of which are embodied in our product: the peerless, perfect American flag.


We were so sick of buying cheap flags and accessories, many made overseas, that would rip and tear after only a few months. Thousands of American workers saw their jobs disappear as the textile industry moved overseas in the 20th century, and we couldn’t be prouder to bring those jobs back to our great country. It’s extremely important to us that we source the materials and craft our products 100% in the USA.

We’ve scoured our great country to find the highest-skilled American seamstresses and curate the highest-quality materials. It’s vital that our flags are individually sewn so that every single stitch is given attention from a master seamstress, a far cry from mass-produced flags.


We’ve spent years innovating modern design improvements to increase the longevity of our flags. These include a one-of-a-kind, sturdy, mold-resistant grommet strip, double needle lock-stitching—so if one stitch breaks, the flag won’t unravel, and stress points reinforced with bar tacking to enhance the stability of the flag. We also purvey the highest-quality, American-made flag accessories, including flagpoles made of Vermont white ash, flagpole spinner rings and cast-iron mounting brackets.


Allegiance flags are individually sewn by the most talented seamstresses in this country. This means every single stitch is given attention, a far cry from mass-produced flags.

All of our materials are sourced in America and made by American workers. It’s extremely important to us that 100% of our flag is sourced and sewn in the USA. It’s not the easy way, but it’s the right way. We’re proud to be American made from beginning to end!

Your flag’s longevity will depend on a variety of factors, including weather conditions and your level of care. We cannot guarantee the elements won’t ultimately affect the flag, as it is still a piece of fabric at the end of the day. However, we can guarantee this is the highest quality flag available on the market today. Everyone has unique weather conditions, but our flags are hand-made by Americans using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship techniques to fortify and stabilize the flag for an optimal lifespan.


We also take several additional steps to reinforce the flag from wind damage. We employ double needle lock stitching throughout our flag and bar-tacking for extra stabilization in the flags typical stress points. We are the only company that adds these levels of reinforcement to our flags, and it’s a key differentiating factor. We take pride in providing such a special symbol of our country and have put a great deal of research and development into delivering our customers with the best possible flag and experience.


To extend your flag’s longevity, ensure it isn’t getting caught on or hitting against any obstructions (siding of your house, gutters, brickwork, etc) We also recommend bringing your flag inside during inclement weather.

Here are 3 great options to disposing of your American Flag:


  1. Burn the Flag- First you must properly fold your flag. Once you’ve properly folded your flag, make a fire that’s big enough to ensure that your flag will completely burn. When your fire is ready, respectfully place your folded flag on top of it. If you want, you can have a moment of silence or say the Pledge of Allegiance. After the flag has completely burned, the fire needs to be safely and completely extinguished. Collect the ashes and then bury them.


  1. Bury the Flag- The proper way to bury your flag is to first fold it and then place it in a dignified box. You can then bury the flag, saying a few words if you wish.


  1. Flag Donation- If you're wary that you might not burn or bury your flag properly, you can donate your flag to your local American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Boy Scouts, or the Girl Scouts. Each of these organizations will conduct a ceremony to properly dispose of the flag and they'll do it for no charge.

We are focused on making the highest quality 50 star American flag at this time, but we hope to make other flags in the future!


The best way to find out about new sizes and flags is to signup for our email list on our website.

We rarely ever discount the American flag or accessories, but we do offer a 10% discount as a token of our appreciation for the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving in the military and first responders. You can learn more about that (Here).

We currently offer 4 sizes of flags:



- 16” x 24”


- 3' x 5'


- 4’ x 6’


- 5’ x 8’



All of our offerings can be viewed on our website (click here).

The safest way to wash our flag is to hand wash it in cool water with a mild soap or laundry detergent. To dry the flag, hang it up on a clothesline or drying rack and allow it to air dry. Some dry cleaners across our country will also dry clean American flags free of charge

It’s hard for us to guarantee the extreme elements of flying from an automobile won’t ultimately affect the flag, as it is still a piece of fabric at the end of the day. Our 3’x5’ and 4’x6’ flags are designed to fly in a light or steady breeze from stationary flagpoles. Our 16”x24” flags are designed with a heavier nylon and are crafted to be flown from boats at steady speeds. We don’t currently sew any flags that are designed to be flown from automobiles with speeds in excess of 50+ miles per hour.


We do take several additional steps to reinforce the flag from wind damage with bar-tacking and double needle lock stitching on the entire fly end of the flag. We are the only company that adds these levels of reinforcement to our flags, and it’s what makes our flags unique.

Step 1: Attach spinner hooks to grommets on your flag. Hooks should be attached so that the lip of the top spinner is positioned toward the top of your flag, approximately 1/4" below the finial. The lip of the bottom spinner should be positioned towards the bottom of your flag.


Step 2: Slide the pole through both spinners, top spinner first.


Step 3: Use set screws to secure both spinners in place. Secure the top spinner first. The top spinner should be positioned slightly below the bottom of the finial so that the spinner is able to spin freely. Pull the grommet strip taut and secure the bottom in place. Try to align the set screws on the two separate spinners for consistency.




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