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Pre-Assembled 3x5 American Flag Set: Product Overview

Show your patriotism with an American flag made in the USA with American materials. Each one of these beautifully crafted 3x5 American flag sets is hand-stitched by US seamstresses and each star is embroidered with loving care. When you purchase the best American flags available today, you know you are supporting your country and those who live there.
The founders of this incredible company wanted to manufacture flags that could be said to be 100% American. They aren't just made in the US, but each flag is made with American materials by American hands. When the textile industry packed up and took its business overseas, there were a lot of skilled Americans who were left without livelihoods. These 3x5 flags are made by those same Americans who found a place to practice their skills and produce the best quality flags in the market today.
3x5 american flag

Reasons to buy a 3x5 pre-assembled American flag set

  • The pre-assembled set comes with a pair of spinners made from anodized aluminum that ensures your flag doesn't get tangled up around the pole in a strong wind. These spinners move with the turning of the flag in the wind so the fabric always stays loose and flowing.
  • Pre-assembled also comes with a strong pole made of white ash that is specially coated to protect it from the elements.
  • These beautiful flags are 100% American-made with extra durable material and hand-stitched.
  • Skilled American seamstresses who have the passion and dedication to care that each flag is made with the highest quality.
  • A guarantee that the flag you buy will be of the highest quality and hand-crafted.
  • The artisans who make these products use a superior double stitching technique that enforces the strength of the material and ensures if one stitch comes loose, the rest of the flag won't unravel.
The key to the longevity of your 3x5 flag is how it is reinforced. There are several levels of reinforcement that keep your flag looking like new no matter what weather you are experiencing.

4 levels of reinforcement:

  • The baseline of these flags is made with 100% American materials and 200 denier nylon. This ensures the product won't tear in strong winds but will be airy enough to fly proudly in the breeze. There is no tearing or shredding with the material these flags are made of.
  • The American seamstresses who make these flags use double-needle lock stitching so that if one stitch unravels, the rest of the flag stays intact. When you buy a United States flag from an established US flag company, you notice the difference in quality.
  • The stress points on these flags use bar tacking to add more stability and keep your flag flying right.
  • A strong grommet strip is used to stabilize the left-hand side of the flag and make the flag last longer. This reduces wear and tear on this side of the flag where the most tension is.

3x5 american flag

Every pre-assembled 3x5 flag set includes the following:

  • 1 beautifully hand-crafted 3x5 flag that is 100% American made, by Americans with US materials
  • Flag pole with Vermont White Ash which is one of the strongest woods and specially coated to protect it against bad weather and wear and tear
  • 2 Non-Tangle Pole Spinners made from anodized aluminum that spin with the pole so your flag is not constantly wrapping around the pole in the wind
  • Cast Aluminum Bracket ensures that the connection is sturdy and unbreakable
When you are looking for a flag set to show everyone who passes by that you are proud to be American, then that flag should be 100% American-made. With hand-stitching that can only be found with skilled seamstresses and embroidered stars hand-crafted by the same workers, these flags look and feel high quality. The skilled artisans who lost their jobs to companies overseas are the same hired by this flag company to put their skills to use. Folded into a proper triangle and reinforced with double stitching and embroidery, these flags will never disappoint.
3x5 american flag
The founders of this company made it a goal to make the highest quality flag available in the United States. They set out to find the most talented seamstresses in North Carolina and hire them to hand-stitch their flags. They looked to the past to see what their grandparents did to create products that were durable, beautiful, and long-lasting. The result is one of the highest quality flags you will ever own that comes with a stamp that is 100% American-made.
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