Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag in 1777 which was considered a true symbol of patriotism. She was said to be crucial to the American Revolution by helping George Washington finish the design. As the first seamstress to ever stitch this flag, her spirit lives on in the American seamstresses who hand-stitch the flag that bears her name.
The Betsy Ross flag features the iconic 13-star design for the original 13 colonies in existence when the flag was designed. After that, a star and stripe were added for each new colony that was made up of the United States and that is where the traditional design comes from.
betsy ross flag
The Betsy Ross American flag is a marvel of artisanship, with each stitch double-stitched to ensure that if one stitch is loose, the whole flag won't come apart at the seams. This beautifully made American flag will stand tall outside your home for years to come because it is made to withstand all kinds of harsh weather.
It can be challenging to find a US flag store where the materials are 100% sourced in the United States. When you buy your Betsy Ross flag at the best American flag store, you know you are buying quality that is 100% American-made.

Why you will love your Betsy Ross Flag

  • These beautiful United States flags are 100% American-made with extra durable material and hand-stitched.
  • Each flag is hand-stitched by skilled American seamstresses who use top-notch sewing techniques and superior stitching methods so that each flag is made to last.
  • A guarantee that the flag you buy will be of the highest quality and hand-crafted.
  • The superior double-stitching technique used to make these flags is the best way to make a strong, durable flag that won't unravel when one stitch breaks in a strong wind. These flags will last longer than any other American flag on the market today.
  • The Betsy Ross flag features the 13 stars of the original colonies and the design is striking. This flag will turn heads and get some impressed stares as it sits alongside the traditional flag outside your home.
betsy ross flag
The secret to the longevity of a good flag is in how it is reinforced while being made. There are 4 areas on the Betsy Ross flag where it is reinforced.
  • The baseline of these flags is made with 200 denier nylon. This is a very strong fabric that won't shred or tear in the wind but is also lightweight enough to ensure it will wave proudly whenever a gentle breeze hits. The fabric is durable enough that it will stay intact if one part of the flag is torn or damaged.
  • The American seamstresses who make these flags use double-needle lock stitching so that if one stitch unravels, the rest of the flag stays intact. When you buy a United States flag from an established US flag company, you notice the difference in quality.
  • Bar tacking is used on the stress points for these flags for more stability and to keep these hand-crafted flags flying straight without unnecessary strain on the design.
  • A strong grommet strip is used to stabilize the left-hand side of the flag and make the flag last longer. This reduces wear and tear on this side of the flag where the most tension is.

Every Betsy Ross flag includes:

  • A beautifully folded 13-star flag that has been hand-stitched in America by Americans. These gorgeous flags come in a special triangular box for the folded material and you will be able to see the difference when you remove them from the box.
  • Hand-stitched and embroidered, these flags include one of the sturdiest designs and fabrics available in the United States.
betsy ross flag
The legend of Betsy Ross lives on in the high-quality design of this beautiful flag. Whether you are flying it high on your flagpole on the front lawn or keeping it over the door for all visitors to see, this flag is a showstopper and you will never regret making the investment. The founders of this company wanted to make a flag worthy of the Betsy Ross legend, so they made sure to hire the most talented seamstresses. When you buy this flag, you are not only honoring the woman herself, but you are supporting jobs in the United States. Every flag is made by American hands with American materials, and that is something you can feel proud of when you look at your flag flying high.