Show your national pride by flying a US flag outside of your home. The United States flag is a symbol of freedom, pride and a way of life that should be cherished. When you are looking at where to buy your 5x8 American flag, look no further than a flag company made in the USA by US workers who only use American materials to make their product. When you are looking for a high-quality American flag made in the USA, these 5x8 flags are impeccably made and the perfect size for your inground flag pole or front porch.
When you try to buy a flag through an online company like Amazon or other sites, you can't be guaranteed that they are 100% American. Or that the time was taken to hand-stitch and embroider the delicate stars and stripes. That kind of confidence is what you want when you decide to invest in a beautiful emblem of your love for your country.
flag of america
The founders of this flag company tried to find flags for their own homes unsuccessfully. They found the material lacking in quality, the stitching weak, and most of the materials were made overseas with no real care involved in manufacturing. They decided that enough was enough and a true American flag should be made 100% American. They sourced materials at home, hired US workers and made sure every part of their flags was double-stitched, embroidered, and folded by American hands.

Why you will love your 5x8 American flag

  • When you buy USA flags, all of the materials to make these incredible products are purchased in the United States. That means from pole to star, these flags are 100% US-made.
  • This American company only hires US workers, most of whom lost their job when the textile industry moved production overseas. These skilled craftsmen have the passion and dedication to care that each flag is made with the highest quality.

flag of america

  • The length of time your flag lasts depends on a lot of factors. If you live in a rainy area, or a very windy one can all affect the longevity of your 5x8 flag. So, knowing how long your flag will last is an estimate at best. One thing that can be guaranteed is that this flag will be the highest quality and nicest-looking flag you have ever owned.
  • The special stitching used in the making of these flags is a method used by the American seamstresses who hand-stitch every 5x8 flag before they are sold. The method uses a superior double stitching technique which protects the rest of the flag should one stitch become unravelled.
  • The stars on every 5x8 flag are hand-embroidered with loving care and the quality shows through in how vibrant and colorful these flags are. When you wave your American flag from the flagpole, the material comes alive in the breeze and flutters proudly.
The key to the longevity of your 5x8 flag is reinforcement. There are several stages of reinforcement in your flag that will help it stay like new even in inclement weather.

Stages of reinforcement:

  • The baseline of these flags is made with 100% American materials and 200 denier nylon. This ensures the product won't tear in strong winds but will be airy enough to fly proudly in the breeze.
  • The American seamstresses who make these flags use double-needle lock stitching so that if one stitch unravels, the rest of the flag stays intact. When you buy a United States flag from an established US flag company, you notice the difference in quality.
  • The stress points on these flags use bar tacking to add more stability and keep your flag flying right.
  • A strong grommet strip is used to stabilize the left-hand side of the flag and make the flag last longer. This reduces wear and tear on this side of the flag where the most tension is.
flag of america
Why would you look to another country to buy the highest quality American flag? Shouldn't you be able to buy a United States flag and feel secure knowing that every part of that flag is made with American parts? When you purchase a 5x8 American flag you can feel proud knowing you are supporting jobs in America and American workers. The flag company you can trust promote small business, and entrepreneurship, and keeps Americans working and putting food on the table. It is this kind of business owner that the United States need more of to keep the American jobs at home and the American flag waving proudly.