Flying the American flag high shows your patriotism and love for your country. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get a good quality American flag that won't roll up in light wind, tear or unravel at the hint of inclement weather. In the days before the internet and shipping jobs overseas, US products were sourced and made in the USA, by American workers who knew how to build products that last. Looking to a US flag company to buy American flags just makes sense. When that same US flag store hires American workers and sources 100% US materials, why would you buy American flags anywhere else?
When you are looking for a beautifully made flag to fly high on your front porch, front lawn or anywhere on your property fork everyone to admire, then take a look at the 4x6 American Flag. These flags are made with the same loving care and craftsmanship that only true American artisans can produce. When you want a well-made flag, look to an American flag store.
There are several ways that the 4x6 United States flag will last longer and look better than any other flag you get from a company like Amazon or a non-American source. The key is in the reinforcement.
america flag

Four levels of reinforcement:

Proper base

The baseline of these flags is made with 100% American materials and 200 denier nylon. This ensures the product won't tear in strong winds but will be airy enough to fly proudly in the breeze.

Double lock-stitching

The American seamstresses who make these flags use double-needle lock stitching so that if one stitch unravels, the rest of the flag stays intact. When you buy a US flag from an established US flag company, you notice the difference in quality.


The stress points on these flags use bar tacking to add more stability and keep your flag flying right.

Increase Longevity

A strong grommet strip is used to stabilize the left-hand side of the flag and make the flag last longer.
america flag

What does the 4x6 single flag come with?

  • A beautifully hand-crafted 4x6 American flag stitched by American seamstresses
  • A strong and durable flag made with 100% American materials

Reasons to love your 4x6 American flag

  • All of the materials to make these beautiful flags are sourced in the United States. That means every bracket, stitch, and piece of fabric is 100% USA-made.
  • Everyone involved in the manufacturing of the flag is American. The seamstresses who are hired to double-stitch the flags are professional seamstresses who lost their jobs to overseas workers. These proud Americans have been given back their livelihood and passion for making quality products.
  • These flags are hand-crafted with great care and you can see the difference in the quality. Every part of the manufacturing process is carefully detailed and inspected to make sure your flag is strong, solid, and waves high for years to come. How long your flag lasts can't be guaranteed, but it is guaranteed that this 4x6 American flag is the highest quality flag you will ever find that is 100% American-made. That is something you can feel proud about.
  • The American seamstresses who stitch the flags use a superior double-stitching technique that fortifies the material. This means if one stitch goes, the rest of the flag will stay intact instead of unravelling. When you use a hand-crafted process that is proven to work by the quality of the product, you know you are doing something good for your country.
  • Hand-embroidered stars decorate these durable and beautiful flags so it always looks new and red, white, and blue. You can feel content knowing that every part of these flags is of the highest quality and durability.
america flag
When the textile industry sent thousands of jobs overseas, leaving American workers without livelihoods, one American flag company stepped up and decided their product was going to be 100% American. Supporting this effort helps your country and the job market in the US. Show the ultimate patriotism by buying your 4x6 flag from a company that is 100% American owned and operated. Your purchase goes to support your country's economy and helps encourage others to buy American.