The United States of America is a country unlike any other. We could write a thousand articles and barely scratch the surface of the complex and rich nation that flies the stars and stripes. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t trying to get amazing stories and tales of our country out there: there is so much to learn and enjoy. 

Right now, we are here to talk about one particular facet of the American identity: Our nation’s flag. Specifically, we are going to cover what you want to look for when buying your own for your porch, boat, or more.

Let’s start with the most popular size, the perfect addition to homes, poles, and palisades. Today we discuss the 3x5 American flag and the three versions that stand out amongst the rest.

Why Is It Important to Buy American-Made Flags?

A perfectly-made flag looks so simple: clean lines and bright colors flowing in the wind. However, a perfectly made flag is truly a labor of love. You can buy flags most everywhere. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just hoist whatever you can get your hands on.

We have all seen the fun little seasonal flags: amber maple leaves and whatnot for the fall, some nice snowmen for winter, maybe a few nice floral patterns for spring or summer. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to include a little seasonal flare with your exterior decorations. For flags like that, you can get something relatively cheap that will look fine for a few years before you see a better one and decide to toss it out. 

An American flag should be different. 

Our nation’s colors ought to be treated with more dignity than a cheap retail store impulse buy. Of course, that means properly displaying the flag and, when it can no longer be flown, going through the proper steps to retire it. But long before your flag is ever retired, indeed, before it has even been purchased, you will have some critical decisions to make.

If you want a flag that represents the depth of your patriotism and pride as an American citizen, you will need one that exemplifies the values and quality of The United States of America. That means the highest quality, the best materials, and most importantly—American craftsmanship.

American Jobs

What does it mean to buy a flag made in America? Well, obviously, that means it was made domestically, but that’s not everything on this matter. When you purchase a flag that was sourced and manufactured domestically, you are helping to support fellow American business owners and workers. 

With overseas manufacturing becoming a common practice, the American workforce has been dealt a series of blows, both at the hands of foreign outsourcing and automated labor. Skilled workers, particularly seamstresses and other artisans, have lost their livelihoods and been replaced by cheaper, more mass-producible alternatives.

By purchasing flags made here in America, you are ensuring that those hard-working individuals, and the skills they have honed, are being valued. You are helping to spread the American spirit by promoting top-notch craftsmanship that big box stores are content to overlook.

American Craftsmanship

It’s nice to support your fellow hard-working Americans. But we aren’t suggesting that you do it solely for a feeling of satisfaction. While that is an excellent mindset to have, and one we strongly encourage, we should also talk about how buying American products will directly benefit you.

The primary result of purchasing American-made products as a consumer is the assurance of quality. America has not gotten to where we are today by merely settling for “good enough.”

In every respect, we aim to give it our all. That means we use high-quality materials and make long-lasting, reliable goods. And what could be more worthy of durability and exemplary craftsmanship than our most sacred of national icons? Nothing comes to mind.

American Entrepreneurship

America prides itself on enterprise and rewarding those with the bravery and the drive to take risks and put themselves out there. Enginuity is our country's bread and butter, and it has been a pivotal part of our society since the very beginning.

American entrepreneurs have, on more than one occasion, changed the course of human progress as we know it. You name it, Americans invented it: the phonograph, nylon, Kevlar, GPS, and more.

They were allowed to develop within a system that provided them with opportunities to make great things. Large or small, the importance of these individuals on a national scale cannot be overstated.

Your support for American-owned business is no less than direct support of the core ideals of our country at the most fundamental of levels. It ensures that we maintain grounded in our love of discovery and innovation while rewarding those around us who aspire to achieve.

What Are the Best USA-Made American Flags?

It’s easy to picture the American flag in our heads when prompted. However, the iconic image we know and love was almost quite different. When the Founding Fathers approached Betsy Ross and requested a design, there was talk about having the stars on the flag be six-pointed rather than five.

It wasn't until Betsy Ross explained to the men how much easier it was to make five-pointed stars that the American flag began to take the early form of what we know today. That simple distinction, in a conversation between a few patriots, determined the appearance of one of the most recognizable icons in human history. 

Today, if we looked up to find that our stars suddenly had six points or that the flag had green stripes in place of red, there would be a national crisis. It has become such an indelible part of who we are that to change even the slightest detail would offset our entire perspective. It would be wrong.

That’s not to say that designs cannot change, as the addition of 47 more stars is proof against that. But when it comes to America’s flag, even the smallest of details is significant. So, when you are looking for the right flag for you, be sure it holds up to your standards.

1. Pre-Assembled 3’x5’ American Flag Set

This is a solid set if you are just looking for a one-and-done, full-package set. It will come with everything you need to mount and secure your flag, as well as ensure that it flies vibrant and freely, come rain or shine.

The Pre-Assembled 3’x’5’ American Flag Set includes a highly durable cast iron bracket, as well as our Vermont White Ash pole and a hand-stitched American flag. This set arrives with flag spinners to ensure optimum freedom of movement and prevent tangles.

2. Pre-Assembled 3’x5’ American Flag Set (Excluding Bracket)

For those of you who already have a bracket, don’t worry; we also sell a set that consists only of the pole and flag with spinners. The Pre-Assembled 3x5 American Flag Set (excluding the bracket) works great for anyone who may be using that good old American ingenuity to devise their own custom bracket set-up as well. 

3. 3’x5’ Allegiance American Flag

If you are happy with your current pole and bracket configuration or are looking to use your own free-standing pole, no problem! We also sell our 3’x5’ American flags individually. This is also perfect for wall-hanging or an indoor stand. 

Are There Other Flag Sizes I Should Consider?

4X6 Allegiance American Flag

If you have a free-standing pole, you might be looking to fly something with a little more substance. Your flag is up higher and will probably be visible to more people, so it never hurts to bump up your dimensions a bit. Our 4’x6’ American flag is the perfect size for those of us who want our freedom to ring just a little bit louder than it does from our neighbor’s porch. 

16”X24” Boat Flag Set

Maybe you are a mobile, outdoorsy type but still want to show your patriotic spirit. Our 16”x24” Boat Flag Set it the perfect addition to any naval outing. It doesn’t matter if you have a yacht or a rowboat; what matters is that you fly America’s colors with pride.

Our boat flag pole is made of lightweight and durable fiberglass that will be able to weather the raging gusts of wind as easily as a subdued breeze from a quiet afternoon of fishing.

Where Can I Find American-Made 3X5 Flags?

Allegiance Flag Supply is the one-stop-shop for your quality American Flag purchases. Each one of our flags is hand-stitched and checked for quality at every step of the process.

Our mission is simple. We believe in employing the most talented and dedicated American craftsmen to make high-quality American flags for you, the high-quality American citizen. No middle man and no nonsense. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have, so just give us a call. 




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