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Pre-Assembled 3' x 5' Betsy Ross Flag Set: Product Overview

All Americans have heard of Betsy Ross, the flag maker who many believe designed the very first American flag with 13 stars and 13 stripes. The flag symbolized many things and that can be seen in the colors chosen. The red, white and blue weren't just nice colors that went well together but meant specific values, ideals and ideas that were the foundation of the United States. The red of the flag symbolizes valor and hardiness, the white symbolizes purity and innocence and the blue symbolizes vigilance, perseverance and justice. The Betsy Ross flag is a unique and eye-catching design with red stripes, and a circle of white stars set on a deep blue. This beautiful flag represents the dawn of a newly independent United States and symbolizes the American Revolution.
When you want to display the Betsy Ross US flag outside your home, it is always a good idea to get a pre-assembled set from an American flag store to make your job easier. This high-quality flag set can be delivered right to your door and shortly after you can be displaying your Betsy Ross flag for the whole community to admire. You want your US flag to come from a US flag store with materials sourced in the US.
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What comes in the pre-assembled Betsy Ross flag set?

  • A 3' x 5' Betsy Ross Flag made by skilled seamstresses with the utmost care and highest quality materials sourced 100% in the United States. These skilled seamstresses are all Americans who lost their jobs when the textile market went overseas. The Betsy Ross flag is one of the American flags made in America by Americans. When you look at the amazing stitching techniques used in these flags, you notice that it doesn't allow for fraying of the edges of the fabric. The stitching technique ensures that if one or two stitches come apart, the rest of the flag will stay intact.
  • A flag pole made from one of the toughest woods available, Vermont White Ash. These poles also have a protective finish that helps shield them from the elements so your flagpole won't come apart in inclement weather. If you do suspect bad weather coming, you should take the flag down and fold and store it correctly. There are instructions on the proper folding of a flag online that are easy to follow.
  • Pole spinners are specially designed so the fabric of the flag doesn't get tangled with a strong breeze. The spinners are made from anodized aluminum with a bearing that will spin around the flagpole with the flag. This system prevents the irritating flag wrapping that can happen on windy days so your USA flag can fly proudly for all to see no matter what the wind conditions.
  • The flagpole comes with a cast aluminum bracket that ensures a strong connection. The whole flagpole set becomes immovable once it is installed.

original betsy ross flag

Made by Americans with American materials

The Betsy Ross flag set is made with 100% American sourced materials and each flag is handmade by skilled seamstresses who live in the United States. When the textile industry in the USA headed overseas to look for a cheaper workforce, the talented workers who lost their jobs had nowhere to go and no livelihoods. Hiring American workers fell in line with Allegiance Flag supply's core values and these highly-skilled individuals were hired to make the highest quality American flags available in the United States.
Another core value is making sure that all materials that are sourced and used in these flags are 100% made in the United States. Every bracket, screw, and embroidered star is made with American materials and nothing is purchased from factories overseas. This spills over into another core value of creating American jobs. If a company is purchasing materials from American companies then those companies can make more and hire more.

Benefits of purchasing a Betsy Ross flag set

original betsy ross flag
When you purchase a Betsy Ross flag set, you are not only purchasing a symbol of the greatness of your nation that should be treated with deep respect, but you are also supporting American-owned and operated businesses that help support the local economy and not send money overseas. The company's founders are also big supporters of the military so you are supporting those servicemen and servicewomen who put their lives in jeopardy fighting for our freedom. These are all great things to be mindful of when you fly your American flag high and proud.
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