Nothing says patriotism like displaying the American flag high for all to see on your property. When the founders of Allegiance Flag Supply went looking for American flags they could proudly fly, it was surprising to them to see how many were made overseas. They were also surprised to see the poor quality of these flags and it didn't seem like any care was taken in making them. They looked back at the examples laid by craftsmen in generations past who understood the importance of choosing quality materials to make the longest-lasting products available. It was equally as important to source the materials and labor from home in the United States. This American flag store created a set of core values and followed them to the letter. When you are looking for a flag that you can feel proud displaying outside your home, the 3' x 5' pre-assembled flag set has all the attachments you need to make installing a breeze, and all the quality materials and craftsmanship to make it the best flag you will ever own.

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What comes with the 3' x 5' pre-assembled flag set?

This beautiful set is truly a US flag made in the USA with American artisans who lost their jobs when the textile industry headed overseas. These craftspeople are skilled in designing and stitching beautiful textiles like clothing and bedding and so were hired by Allegiance Flag Supply to use their talents to make the best quality flag available in the United States.
The pre-assembled set comes with:
  • A 3' x 5' American Flag made 100% in the United States with American materials. These flags are made of the highest quality fabric and wood so it lasts for decades, which is more than can be said from the flags found online that were made overseas with inferior materials. These flags will last and while they are flying, they will be the best-looking flag you have ever had.
  • Vermont White Ash is one of the most durable types of wood available and the flag pole on this flag set is made from that wood. Coated in a protective finish that is designed to hold up against the worst weather, this flag pole will hold up to rain, sleet, and snow without showing any signs of ageing. This US flag company stayed true to its promise of the best American flag available in America.
  • This set also comes with spinners on the flag pole which are made from anodized aluminum and won't rust in place. The bearing on the spinners spins around the flagpole with the fabric of the flag so it doesn't get tangled whenever there is a strong wind. Ask anyone from a windy area how annoying it is to have to keep watching your beautiful flag get tangled up whenever there is a strong wind. This patented system of spinners and bearings is what makes this US flag store unique and innovative.
  • The brackets for the flagpole are cast aluminum so they are strong and durable in any weather. It also guarantees that the pole and brackets are immovable when installed, especially during inclement weather. A side note on inclement weather: The American flag should be taken down, folded, and stored safely unless it is specifically designed for bad weather.

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American flag etiquette

When you install your 3x5 American flag set at home, there are specific rules and etiquette you should follow that are involved with having your own flag.

Time of day to fly your flag

The American flag should be flown between sunrise and sunset when it can be fully displayed in the light. If you plan on flying your flag 24 hours a day, then you need to make sure it is well illuminated at all times and never flying in the dark.

Do not let your flag touch the ground

When taking your flag down or putting it up, you should never let it touch the ground as a sign of respect for this country's great symbol of freedom.

Dispose of your flag properly

When your flag is no longer in good shape and needs to be 'retired', you should dispose of it properly. Flags can't just be thrown in the trash. There are flag drop-offs all over every city for those who wish to have their flags disposed of properly, with dignity and respect.
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When you are looking at investing in an American flag and want to support your country, the pre-assembled 3x5 American flag is a great choice.
Andres Jimenez