There are so many companies that sell American flags. But how often are we met with subpar quality flags that weren’t even made on American soil? It’s hard to find flags made with the respect and dignity they deserve. We’re here to help you find the perfect flag for you. 


Made in America

When you go to the store and see a product with a tag that says “Made in America,” it gives you a sense of confidence in that brand. America is known for its high-quality manufacturing standards and innovations. We make some of the most quality goods that are not just enjoyed by our fellow Americans but around the world as well. “Made in America” is not just a slogan; it’s a badge of honor. 


International Reputation

The Industrial Revolution is credited for our country’s period of incredible innovation. In the late 1700’s, Samuel Slater brought new manufacturing techniques to Massachusetts. Textile mills began popping up all around the Northeast. This industrial activity brought trade, railroads, and new businesses to the area. 

Other important American inventions followed suit, like the steamboat that revolutionized the transportation industry. In 1829, Barthelemy Thimmonier gave the world the first widely used and practical sewing machine. Can you imagine life without this machine? 

The Industrial Revolution didn’t just bring new technologies; it changed our culture and the way the world saw the United States. We were no longer seen as a rebel nation of simple farmers. We were now the inventors and leaders of technology. Jobs went from the field to a new concept: the factory.

Factory jobs exploded across the country and brought hundreds of thousands of jobs. This new shift in American work brought about whole new cities, urban areas, and the expansion of our railroads. The textile and sewing industry didn’t just transform America; it revolutionized mass manufacturing around the world.

There is one reason why American-made products still stand out from other countries today: pride. As Americans, we take pride in our roots, and that’s why when you see the “Made in America” tag, you know that the person who made that product cared. 


Wet Climates

One of the hallmarks of American beauty is the sheer amount of diversity in our natural features. We’ve got it all: mountains, beaches, sand dunes, forests, etc. But the types of fabrics you use in clothing and other things are heavily informed by the climate you live in. 

If you live in a state with lots of rain and humidity, you better make sure you buy products with the correct materials for your environment.


Mold and Other Problems

Have you ever bought bedsheets, clothes, or even an American flag from a mass retailer, only to find out they smell kinda funny? That smell might be mold, and this problem is way more common with foreign-made products than it should be. Sometimes that smell goes away, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Even if you wash your foreign-made flag with a solution that kills mold, you may have another problem afterward. These chemicals often make colors fade, and the last piece of fabric you want to fade is your American flag. The red, white, and blue colors should always be vibrant and beautiful, like on Allegiance Flag Supply flags.


Resilient Materials

Although cotton was a readily available source material for American flags hundreds of years ago, it had a hard time battling rain and mold. Do you know what material is resistant to mildew and even helped win WWII? Nylon! 

Nylon was invented right here in America in 1934. It was first used to make women’s stockings by the creator, the DuPont Company, but quickly shifted production to help the war effort. Nylon was used in parachutes, flak jackets, artificial fuel tanks, and even shoelaces. This new material was pivotal in combating the rainy and humid environments of the European and Pacific theaters. 

Nylon is arguably one of the most important creations in fabric history. It’s inexpensive yet so durable and resistant. It’s probably the best fiber to use in American flags because of its relationship with American exceptionalism and creativity. One could say it changed the fabric of our society.


Best Flags

The best flags available today are made with nylon for its resistance to harsh humidity and mold. You can buy American flags made of nylon from foreign companies online, but good luck finding any of actual quality. Most of these flags are very thin and have weak colors.

Do yourself a favor and buy hand-sewn flags that not only resist mold really well but are also made right here in the United States. You’ll thank yourself for getting a quality product that isn’t going to get damaged or lose its color if it gets wet. 

Boat flags are a great way to express your patriotism on the lake or in the ocean. The Allegiance Boat Flag Set is perfect and won’t need replacing any time soon. It has everything you need, from a tough, nylon flag to a flexible, polymer flagpole for those fun boating days. 


Windy Climates

Who likes seeing the flag you just bought get torn and tattered in the wind? Nobody. True patriots make sure their flags remain pristine and undamaged. It doesn’t matter if your flag is flying on the back of your truck or hanging from the front porch. Wind is everywhere, and its power needs to be taken into consideration. Luckily, we use materials and stitching strategies that put your mind at ease. 


Tangles and Tears

Wind is a double-edged sword when it comes to flags. When you think of the American ensign, you might be thinking of the flag in historical paintings gracefully blowing in the wind over an important battle. That flag likely has some tears and holes in it. 

Although we cherish flags that have been carried through battles that have protected our freedoms, we should still be maintaining the ones we personally own. Rips and tears are probably most prevalent on boats for obvious reasons. Whatever you do, don’t “fix” your torn boat flags with duct tape. It's not exactly a dignified look. 


Wind-resistant Materials

Don’t settle for lesser-quality materials for your American flag. Nylon is lightweight but extremely strong. It’s very resistant to ripping thanks to its molecular structure. Allegiance Flag Supply doesn't mess around when it comes to strength and quality. 

In addition to high-quality nylon, the style and strategy of stitching really make for a complete package with Allegiance flags. While these flags are super strong, they still flow beautifully in the wind. Cheaper flag manufacturers use lesser quality nylon to cut down costs, but this results in flags that don’t fly well in the wind and wrinkle more easily. 


Best Flags

If you want an American flag to represent your patriotism at home, the larger 4’x6’ flag sold by Allegiance is guaranteed to last a lifetime without ripping or wrinkling. Having a wind-torn flag in front of your home is just embarrassing. Avoid that issue by sticking with the most resistant materials. 


Avoiding Big Box Stores

Since the vast majority of products being sold in most stores today are manufactured overseas, it’s best to avoid them when buying products that specifically involve patriotism. You want to buy things that are going to directly contribute to the American economy because it directly affects American families. 


Hand-Made Flags

Fabrics sewn by hand are a rarity these days. You might have a blanket or scarf hand-made by a grandparent, but that’s probably it. Hand-sewn items feel different. They have character and soul. Owning an American flag made by hand in the United States isn’t just a luxury; it's a privilege. 

I bet you’ve thrown out old pieces of clothing that were made overseas and thought nothing of it. Those articles don’t really mean much to anyone because they look and feel cheap. Some big machine in a foreign land spat it out with no care and wasn’t made by the hands of a patriot. 


Family Businesses

It’s easy to go online and buy cheap products, but it’s also important to remember that there are still great American companies producing top-notch goods domestically. You just have to look for them. In addition, buying domestically-made products stimulates local economies and helps ensure the financial health of your community.  

Allegiance Flag Supply is run by passionate Americans. They exemplify what it means to be an American family business. Every flag they produce is made with care and unparalleled attention to detail.  


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In Summary

At the end of the day, who wants to buy a poorly made flag? The problem is that it's pretty difficult to find good ones at reasonable prices and made domestically. American flags made outside of the country don’t really carry the history or quality the United States is known for. 

Allegiance flags honor American history and innovation. Our flags don’t rip because of a little wind, and they don’t get mildew from some rain. These flags are as tough as they are beautiful, just like America herself. 




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