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“It makes me cry to have something so beautiful outside my home - made by Americans, for Americans.”

- Bobbie M., FL
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Proud to Give You The Highest Quality American Flags Around

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Crafting Flags & Creating Jobs in the USA


Allegiance Flag Supply proudly stands for many things: American jobs, American craftsmanship and American entrepreneurship—all of which are embodied in our product: the peerless, perfect American flag.

We were so sick of buying cheap flags and accessories, many made overseas, that would rip and tear after only a few months. Thousands of American workers saw their jobs disappear as the textile industry moved overseas in the 20th century, and we couldn’t be prouder to bring those jobs back to our great country. It’s extremely important to us that we source the materials and craft our products 100% in the USA.

We’ve scoured our great country to find the highest-skilled American seamstresses and curate the highest-quality materials. It’s vital that our flags are individually sewn so that every single stitch is given attention from a master seamstress, a far cry from mass-produced flags.


We’ve spent years innovating modern design improvements to increase the longevity of our flags. These include a one-of-a-kind, sturdy, mold-resistant grommet strip, double needle lock-stitching—so if one stitch breaks, the flag won’t unravel, and stress points reinforced with bar tacking to enhance the stability of the flag. We also purvey the highest-quality, American-made flag accessories, including flagpoles made of Vermont white ash, flagpole spinner rings and cast-iron mounting brackets.

All of our materials are sourced in America and made by American workers. It’s extremely important to us that 100% of our flag is sourced and sewn in the USA. It’s not the easy way, but it’s the right way. We’re proud to be American made from beginning to end!

Your flag’s longevity will depend on a variety of factors, including weather conditions and your level of care. We cannot guarantee the elements won’t ultimately affect the flag, as it is still a piece of fabric at the end of the day. However, we can guarantee this is the highest quality flag available on the market today. Everyone has unique weather conditions, but our flags are hand-made by Americans using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship techniques to fortify and stabilize the flag for an optimal lifespan.


We also take several additional steps to reinforce the flag from wind damage. We employ double needle lock stitching throughout our flag and bar-tacking for extra stabilization in the flags typical stress points. We are the only company that adds these levels of reinforcement to our flags, and it’s a key differentiating factor. We take pride in providing such a special symbol of our country and have put a great deal of research and development into delivering our customers with the best possible flag and experience.


To extend your flag’s longevity, ensure it isn’t getting caught on or hitting against any obstructions (siding of your house, gutters, brickwork, etc) We also recommend bringing your flag inside during inclement weather.

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"Allegiance uses US workers to make high-quality flags."
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"Top-quality construction."
"USA-made flags crafted the way our forefathers would have."
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"Small Business finds big success selling 100% American-made American flags”.
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"For the one who’s happiest on the water, buy a patriotic Boat Flag hand sewn in South Carolina".
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"They set out to create a better flag."