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8 Patriotic Gift Ideas For the Proud American

The 4th of July is either far behind us or far ahead, depending on your perspective. Either way, there is no reason to relegate your national pride to a single day.

When you are able to live your life in a country like ours, gratitude is justified, and it never hurts to put it out where others can see it. We love any opportunity to bring out the red, white, and blue. 

When Should I Give a Patriotic Gift?

The “problem” is, America is a great place, and a lot of people kind of have a thing for it. That means the market is saturated with historical bobbleheads and festive pajama pants featuring stars, stripes, or bald eagles. There are countless gift ideas and mountains of patriotic paraphernalia to sift through.

Sometimes it’s hard to know when you should give a gift. You will be shopping online and find the perfect item but end up having to justify it when you present it to its recipient.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are loads of potential opportunities to give a gift to the die-hard patriot in your life. Whether foreign or domestic, veteran or civilian, they all deserve a gift that reminds them of the greatness of our nation. 


Birthdays are probably second only to Christmas when it comes to traditional gift-giving times. But that just means that they deserve a spot on here even more. The question is not just what do you get for someone's birthday, but how does that gift differ from, say, a Christmas gift?

Well, the great thing about birthdays is that they are happening year-round. That means all climates, seasons, and interests can potentially be showcased and gifts given accordingly.

Our advice with birthdays is to get something personal, and maybe match it to the time of year, or even just the season of that person’s life. Retirement and college graduation usually necessitate different sorts of gifts. Use that to your advantage and find something truly unique to celebrate the American spirit. 


As we have established, Christmas and birthdays are most often what we think of as the designated primary giving times, but nobody made that a hard rule. Who says that you can’t give a nice patriotic gift on Thanksgiving? Really, what better time is there to celebrate your country than the holiday dedicated to being grateful? 

But seriously, there are no restrictions. Celebrate America’s incredible diversity on Saint Patrick's Day, or honor the sacrifices and dedication of our citizens on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, or Labor Day. If you have a loved one who serves our country, they deserve to be shown gratitude and respect. They value and believe in their country, so show them that their country values and believes in them too.

Gift Baskets

Speaking of showing appreciation, gift baskets are a great way to get yours across. Whether it’s in the form of delicious chocolates and “get well soon” flowers, a package of spices for the grill, and a couple of NFL tickets, the ever-versatile gift basket will deliver your message in style and with a little something extra to boot

Not to mention, they are highly personalizable and can really allow for personal touches tailored to the recipient. All in all, a very solid gift delivery method.


Elections can be emotionally charged sometimes, but that also makes them the perfect time to remember that we are all united under the flag of a sovereign nation and a great one at that.

Whether the gift happens to be celebratory, reconciliatory or just a sort of consolation prize, elections are an oft-forgotten but quite apt time to give a patriotic gift to family, friend, and neighbor alike.

If you know someone who is voting for the first time, whether they are 18 or a newly minted United States citizen, this is an excellent opportunity for a gift. A thoughtful and unique gift can preserve their first voting memory. It can serve as a great reminder of their love of country and dedication to their patriotic duty.

What Are the Best Patriotic Gift Ideas?

So, we know when to give these awesome gifts, but that’s barely even half the battle. The real question is, what are the red, white, and blue gifts that are worth giving? We are so glad you asked, as that just so happens to be what the entire second half of this article is about.

A Pre-Assembled American Flag Set

Every proud American should have at least one American flag. It’s a good thing to have somewhere, whether it’s a pin on your lapel or a tall foot pole in your yard. These flags can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but universally, it’s often nice to have the guesswork taken out of it. 

We all have family members that can appreciate a nice sturdy American flag, with minimal assembly required. A pre-assembled American flag set meets those conditions and will look good doing it.

A Patriotic T-Shirt

America is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and with that comes unique styles and traditions. People of all cultures, races, and creeds come together under one star-spangled sky. It’s one thing that makes our country great.

A patriotic t-shirt is a great way to celebrate any holiday or occasion but is especially fitting for parades and 4th of July celebrations. A set of matching shirts for your family can be a fun way to unite you all during the celebration and will create instantly eye-catching pictures. If you are honoring a specific person or event, look for custom-printed shirts that can include the guest of honor’s name. 

A Large American Flag

It’s great to get creative and have fun, but there is something we all love about the “traditional” approach. Maybe you took your loved one on a one-of-a-kind road trip to the Grand Canyon last year, but this time you want to give them something more tangible. 

In this case, you might like to surprise them with a hand-crafted American flag. You noticed theirs was getting a little worn and wanted to spring for something that would last them for years to come. If you are replacing their old flag, it is extra considerate to help them retire their flag in accordance with the U.S. Flag Code.

A Boat Flag

Maybe your loved one already has a flag proudly hanging from their porch. Then, it is time to go the unexpected but still highly utilitarian route. There are plenty of places to put a flag aside from a porch or a pole.

Take a boat, for example. Maybe your neighbor just got a new boat so that they could go fishing on the weekends. If your friend is a true patriot, they will want to let everyone on the water know. The navy was one of the first places to fly our nation's ensign. It’s a time-honored tradition that never goes out of style. 

If you want to inject some high-flying pride onto their next aquatic excursion, we recommend a specially designed American boat flag. It will hold up to the high-speed winds. It will make sure that any person or fish that graces the vessel, knows the captain’s national pride. 

A Trucker Hat

Sometimes it’s nice to keep things simple, and it doesn't get more simple than keeping the sun out of your eyes. America is pretty big as far as countries go. While we may not have the largest nation in terms of raw square footage, we do have an abundance of biomes and climates. American ideals unite all of us under one flag and one sun.

Everyone needs a hat. Hearing proper protective sun gear is a critical part of healthy life practices. Consider a nice, sturdy American Flag Trucker Hat that can weather, well… the weather. American can handle anything the world throws at her, and so can our gear. All of our products at Allegiance Flag Supply are made in America by Americans, from our hats to our flags and everything in between. 

A Different Sort of Gift

What does it mean to live in the United States of America? This means that despite our differences in where we live on our continent, we are brought together under the banner of this great nation. 

But our peace and prosperity come with a price. It’s something that should never be taken for granted, nor should the men and women who dedicate their lives to maintaining it. At Allegiance Flag Supply, we believe that theirs is a sacrifice deserving of respect and gratitude.

We maintain continuing partnerships with a number of organizations that dedicate themselves to those veterans who have put their time, their families, and their own safety on hold so that we can remain safe and free. 

Sometimes the gift of patriotism is more abstract than shirts, hats or flags. It can mean donating to bring soldiers home safely, or even something as simple as making sure they still have a Christmas card while they are away from their families for the holidays. No gesture is too grand or too small, and not one will go unappreciated. 

There is nothing more patriotic than solidarity. Maybe this year, you and your loved ones can give back to those whose names you may not know, the faces you may not recognize. These men and women are the threads between our stars and stripes.




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