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How To Hang a Flag on a Wall

Flags are a common symbol used to unify people, usually in the realm of geolocation or organization. National flags such as the Stars and Stripes symbolize more than just the country; they represent ideas and values. 

In the case of the United States, the red and white stripes represent the original 13 colonies that risked their livelihood by claiming independence from Great Britain in 1776. The 50 stars stand for the current number of states that America has today. Mostly everyone has seen a flag raised before, whether that be on a flagpole, a balcony, or even a wall. 

Keep reading to learn more about the best way to hang your flag. 




First things first, whenever hanging a flag, it’s usually very important to make sure that it’s properly aligned and in good condition so that you don’t accidentally offend others who take it very seriously for specific reasons. In the case of the United States, this definitely rings true. 

Try to avoid hanging a tattered American flag. Make sure your flag is beautiful and in peak condition so it can properly display respect for her citizens and the Armed Forces that protect the country. Taking this into account, you should be making sure your flag is always in good condition but also put up properly for display. Appearance is key!



 When it comes to public speeches or addresses, the United States flag must be on the right side of the speaker that’s presenting at that time (the left side from the observer’s view). This is a very important gesture that is true to our country, whereas other flags can be placed on the left side of the stage/podium. 

In the case of a wall displaying the American flag, it must be hung with the Union (stars) at the top or highest point. It can be hung either vertically or horizontally, but the stars can never be displayed on the bottom of the Stars and Stripes, no matter the case. These rules also apply to the American flag being displayed in a window.

If you cross an American flag with another flag, the US flag should have its staff in front of the other on the left-hand side of the presenter in the eyes of those in the audience. These guidelines have a somewhat similar strict policy when it comes to hanging them on the wall, as you can probably imagine


Street View

American flags that are hung over a rope over a street must follow the same principles as hanging the Stars and Stripes on the wall; it must display the stars at the top of the flag. The only difference here is horizontally hoisting an American flag through string over the street view is not a method used by the Flag Code: it must be vertical in this instance.

When flags are raised on flagpoles outside on the street, they follow a similar methodology of appearing to the left of the observer when stationed next to other types of flags. These flags can all be flown at the same height, but the United States flag must always be on the far left in every case.

The American flag does not have to be larger than the other flags around it in this instance, but no other flags are allowed to be larger than it. The same size is appropriate.

When the United States flag is raised in this manner with other nation’s flags (e.g., England, France, Germany, etc.), it must be the exact same height with the same size


Hanging Techniques of the Stars and Stripes

There are two methods when it comes to hanging the American flag on a wall: the Modern and Traditional methods.

Here are the steps to each one: 


Modern Method

The first step to the modern way of hanging American flags on the wall is either string semaphores or to yacht pennants on hemp. At the edges of your flag, use nails, push pins, or hooks to stabilize this dowel in place. 

Make sure your flag doesn’t display any curves when you’re holding it in place at the edges, as this is seen as a disrespectful and lackadaisical way to hang it. This is great for indoor use but also can be displayed on outside porches, assuming the flag is covered by some sort of roof overhead so that it doesn’t get affected by the weather.


Traditional Method

In a very similar way to the presentational style that goes into hanging American flags during addresses and over the street or on flagpoles, the traditional method people follow by displaying it in their own living rooms is somewhat of a combination of these other ways of doing it. 

Make sure your stars are once again at the top of your flag when it’s on the wall. In the case of people’s living rooms, they have the option of choosing to hang their Stars and Stripes vertically or horizontally. If you plan on hanging other flags on the same wall, make sure that the American flag is hung above them and is the largest on display.


Displaying Souvenir American Flags

In the case of souvenir American flags, or smaller-sized Stars and Stripes, there are specific ways to put these up in your house as well. If the flags come in a display frame, you can simply hang this up on the wall on its own; there’s no required need to take it out of this. It’s very easy to put these frames up on a corkboard — these surfaces are very easy to thumbtack objects to.

First, most souvenir flags contain a small wooden staff that is used to wave the flag around (usually during parades or celebrating Independence Day). 

If you decide to hang these on your wall, the beginning step would be to remove the staff from the fabric itself. There is no use for it if the flag is going to be hung up going forward. 

When actually putting it up on the wall, you don’t need to get especially fancy with your methodology; thumbtacks are the preferred method of choice. While simple, this way still requires some effort and careful measuring. Make certain that your souvenir flags are level on the wall and follow the cardinal rule (make sure the stars are at the top of your flag).



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Follow the Flag Code

When it comes to hanging American flags, everything should be done according to the United States Flag Code, barring no exceptions. There are different ways that Old Glory can be displayed, but the Flag Code covers each of these scenarios and will instruct Americans exactly how they should be honoring the iconic flag. 

In the case of a wall displaying the flag during public addresses, there are a few important rules to remember. The Stars and Stripes must always be positioned to its own right — meaning to the speaker’s left from the observer’s angle. It is perfectly acceptable to display the American flag either vertically or horizontally, barring the rare exception that someone doesn’t hang it properly with the Union at the top. 

If it’s shown in the backdrop in a cross-like manner with another flag, the United States flag must be on the left side to the observer with its staff in front of the neighboring flag. If the flag is displayed with other flags on the wall, the Stars and Stripes should be larger and positioned higher as well.


Honoring Old Glory

While hanging the American flag on a wall can be a great way to display your patriotism, especially inside or in a sports arena, there is something that stirs our pride when we see an American flag gently billowing in the wind. 

To raise a flag outside with ease, look for a simple to use flag set. With a set from Allegiance Flag Supply, you get a 3’ x 5’ flag, a cast iron bracket, a pair of non-tangle flag pole spinners, and a Vermont White Ash flagpole. 

When honoring the Stars and Stripes, we think about the people that work every day to sustain our beautiful country. That’s why at Allegiance, we make sure to only employ American seamstresses who make all of our products here in the United States.

No matter how you hang your American flag, do it with pride. 




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