Showing your patriotism can be done in many different ways. Flying the American flag is just one way to display your pride in the United States. Not sure where to purchase your American flag? Allegiance Flag Supply offers a variety of high-quality American flags at an affordable price. We can get into that later. For now, let’s go over the parts that you should look for in a flag pole kit for flying a flag at your home. It may seem simple, but setting up a flag pole kit correctly can present challenges. That’s why we’re here to help!


Did you think a flag pole kit just included a pole and a flag? Think again. There are many parts needed for a flag pole kit. Not to mention, flag pole kits vary depending on how you intend to fly your flag. We are going to go over what they are and the function they serve.


The Basics

If you are new to the flag pole game, it’s important to know the basics. Different flag pole kits offer different parts. The most basic parts include the following;


  • The flag pole
  • Hardware to attach your flag to your pole
  • Flag pole mounting bracket
  • 3 x 5 American flag


These are basic parts for a basic flag pole kit. If you buy a more complex pole, there may be more or different parts. Let’s discuss what each part of the kit does.


The Flag Pole

The flag pole itself can come in many different varieties. This can vary in size and material. Some companies offer wooden poles, while others provide metal flag pole options. There are many selections of wood and metal types to choose from.


Hardware to Attach Your Flags

Allegiance Flag Supply offers hardware such as non-tangle spinners. The non-tangle flag pole spinners are designed to prevent the flag from getting wrapped around the pole. This technology is innovative, and it takes away the stress of having to de-tangle your flag. Each spinner has a stainless steel bearing encapsulated by anodized aluminum, allowing your flag to spin in the wind, not tangle around your pole.


Flag Pole Mounting Bracket

What is a flag pole mounting bracket? It’s a useful tool that allows you to mount your flag and flag pole just about anywhere. You can place the bracket on your porch structure, by your front door, on your fence, or anywhere that you can easily fasten screws.


Allegiance Flag Supply offers an incredibly durable and well-made Cast Iron Flag Pole Mounting Bracket. It includes three mounting screws and three anchors. Trust in Allegiance Flag Supply when it comes to mounting your flag anywhere you’d like!


How To Set Up A Mounted Flag Pole

Setting up a flag pole can seem daunting. There are steps you can follow to make it easier. They are as follows:


  • Position your pole mounting bracket
  • Mark the position with a pencil
  • Pre-drill three holes deep enough for your mounting screws
  • Attach your bracket
  • Insert your flagpole
  • Celebrate


Position Your Bracket

There are a few things to consider here. Where do you want to be able to see your flag? Do you want people to be able to see it from the street? Do you want it in a private area for your own personal viewing? This is up to you.


It’s also important to think about the wind. Choose an area that gets enough wind to pick your flag up so it can fly proudly in the air.


Mark the Position with a Pencil

It’s as simple as it sounds. Once you’ve chosen a location for your bracket, it’s time to mark the locations where you’ll have to drill mounting holes with a pencil. This will ensure you drill the holes in the correct positions to prepare for attaching your pole mounting bracket.


Pre-Drill Your Holes

It’s always a good idea to pre-drill pilot holes before you use screws on any surface, whether it’s brick, wood, or cement. This will prevent the wood from splitting and your screws from breaking off, and it also ensures that you don’t create smaller hairline cracks that can widen and cause your screws to fall out over time.


Attach Your Bracket

Now that you’ve created your pilot holes, you can attach your mounting bracket to your chosen location. First, position your three anchors. You may not need them in some circumstances like if you're affixing to solid wood, but you will definitely need them for brick, stucco, concrete, etc. Then, place the bracket on top of your anchors or holes and attach the bracket using your mounting screws.


Allegiance Flag Supply’s Cast Iron Flagpole Mounting Bracket comes with both the mounting screws and plastic anchors necessary to attach your mount to any desired location! If you are drilling into brick, you’ll want to invest in a 3/16” Masonry Drill Bit as well.


Insert Your Flagpole

The most emotional and satisfying part of the experience, once your mounting bracket has been attached, all you have to do is slide your flagpole into place.



You did it! You successfully set up your flag and mounting bracket. Now all that’s left is to enjoy the view! Maybe crack open a cold beverage of your choice as a way to congratulate your hard work.


Commercial-Grade Flag Pole Circumstances

Are you unsure of what circumstances constitute an in-ground flagpole? Are you under the false impression that the flag pole hanging above your neighbor’s porch is the same type that you see in front of a museum? There are different flag poles for different circumstances and different parts for them.


You can set up a flag pole mostly anywhere, but there are common places where people typically display flags.


It’s important to consider the location in which you are flying your flag from an in ground flag pole. If you geographically live in a climate with lots of wind, you should consider getting the sturdiest flag and flag pole. The windier the place, the sturdier the flag pole should be.


flag stand




Where To Buy Quality American Flags?

Are you looking to invest in an American flag or flagpole kit? Are you in need of a flag store recommendation? Allegiance Flag Supply provides quality flags and accessories. You can always trust that Allegiance Flag Supply will give you a quality product made in America.


Allegiance Flag Supply is known for our high-quality products and honest methods of production. Next time you’re in the market for an American flag and pole kit, you’ll know where to look. Allegiance Flag Supply is a one-stop shop for all of your flag needs.


In Summary

Don’t be intimidated by flag poles and flag pole hardware. If you’re interested in purchasing a flag set check out Allegiance Flag Supply! You won’t be sorry.




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