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Where is the Biggest American Flag: Patriotic Pride

It is a great accomplishment to own the largest American flag. According to Roadside America, Ski Demski of Long Beach, California, once owned the largest American flag. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2002, and his ashes were placed in the eagle on top of his super flag.

Demski holds the Guinness World Record for owning the world’s largest flag. Its dimensions are 505 feet by 225 feet, and it weighs a whopping 3,000 pounds! Now that’s a whole lot of pride. The flag isn’t cheap either. It is worth about $80,000.

The largest flag still resides at 402 Lime Avenue in Long Beach, California, and it still has national renown. Demski was featured in the George W. Bush inaugural parade for his monumental flag. His flag was not actually in the parade due to the fact that it was too big!

The American flag is an important symbol for our country. It means independence, freedom, and hope. To fully understand what the flag means, we’re going to give you a brief history of our glorious stars and stripes.

The History Of The American Flag

Did you know that the current model of the American flag is the 27th version?

Back when the thirteen colonies were seceding from British rule, they needed a symbol to distinguish patriots and rally more people.

The first flag design was known as the “Grand Union Flag.” It had thirteen stripes and the UKs symbol in the upper left corner.

It’s rumored that Elizabeth Griscom (AKA Betsy Ross from Philadelphia) first sewed the official flag in June of 1776. Today, there is no concrete evidence as to whether this is true or not, but it’s definitely become a part of our country’s lore.

On June 14th, 1777, a flag resolution was passed by the Second Continental Congress. It officially adopted the stars and stripes as the national symbol for America. June 14th is considered national flag day due to this historical event.

In 1794, two new stars and two new stripes were added to the design. This addition displayed Kentucky and Vermont’s entrance into the Union. In 1818 a new flag act was signed stating that an extra star would be added to the flag each time a new territory entered the Union. This act also reduced the number of stripes from fifteen to thirteen (to represent the thirteen original colonies).

The American flag that we all know and love today has fifty stars. It has remained unaltered since 1960. The last two states to be added to the Union were Alaska and Hawaii. The version we currently have is the longest-running flag design.

How To Show Your Patriotic Pride?

Are you gearing up for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, or an America-themed party? Or are you just interested in learning how to show your patriotism? There are SO many ways to show your pride for this great country. You don’t have to break the Guinness World Record for the largest American flag to show you’re a patriot. There are many ways to choose from when showing your pride.

If there ever was a person to teach a class on American patriotism, we think it’d be Ski Demski. Have you ever considered the different ways to show your pride in America? There are copious ways to do so, and we’ll outline a few of them here for you.

Fly The American Flag

The best way (in our opinion) to show your pride for America is by flying the American flag! Allegiance Flag Supply offers the gold standard for American flags. They are all sewn by master American seamstresses and made 100% in the United States! Allegiance sets out to make a better flag. We offer a variety of different flag sizes, and we also provide various flag accessories for flying your flag with pride.

If you need supplies such as a flagpole kit or a mounting bracket, we’ve got you covered. If you have any patriotic needs at all, take a look at our product offerings, and we’re sure you’ll find something that’s perfect for you.

Wear The Country’s Colors

If you are looking to impress people with your pride in America, simply wear the right gear. This can be achieved by wearing a shirt with the flag on it or wearing the country’s colors in general.

For example, you might consider wearing a red pair of shorts, a white shirt, and a blue pair of sneakers or long socks to visually show your pride through your outfit.

On an American national holiday such as The Fourth of July or Memorial Day, it might be appropriate to wear patriotic face paint or a temporary tattoo. This could be placed on your cheek, shoulder, chest, or anywhere you see fit. A small American symbol like the flag or Uncle Sam will do the trick!

Patriotic Home Decor

A patriotic house equals a patriotic family! If you’re interested in amping up your home decor to show your love for America, consider patriotic designs in your decor. There are tons and tons of ways you could decorate your house with patriotism.

You can find American themed decor for the following items:

  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Wall hangings
  • Coasters
  • Lampshades
  • Decorative Signs

Investing in some patriotic throw pillows or blankets can go a long way. Many local interior decorating stores offer American-themed products. The next time you’d like to spice things up in your house, considering showing your love for America through your decor!

Flower Arrangements

Flowers are a beautiful way to spruce up your home. If there’s an American holiday coming up or you are honoring a veteran you know, patriotic flowers are a great way to display national support.

You can buy flower arrangements that utilize the colors of the American flag. For example, an arrangement of white roses, red Gerbera daisies, and blue Hydrangeas would work perfectly as a patriotic flower display. Oftentimes, flower shops add American flags or stars in the arrangement to further accentuate the patriotic flair you’re going for.

You don’t have to break the bank by going to a flower shop for the arrangement. You could easily pick out the flowers yourself and make a tasteful arrangement on your own!

Balloons, Patriotic Food, And Patriotic Games

These next three categories to show your pride work really well if you are throwing a party for an American holiday. Balloons, patriotic food, and games are a fun way to give your party an American twist.

Sprinkling your backyard or home interior with some Americanized balloons is easy and amusing. Many party stores carry balloons with American flag designs or sayings such as “God Bless America” or “Happy Fourth of July.” If you cannot find an appropriate patriotic balloon design, buy generic balloons in the national colors.

Patriotic food should definitely be served at an American holiday party. You can serve cute patriotic cookies or cupcakes. Get creative with it or shop for them at a bakery. You can also serve American food like hot dogs or hamburgers. Everyone loves a good BBQ, and nothing says “American” more than a frankfurter.

Playing patriotic games at your gathering will help to show your pride as well. Games like cornhole, volleyball, and football are very American. You can also buy American-themed sports equipment to further display your support for the country.

displaying the american flag

To Sum It Up

Let us all thank Ski Demski for gracing us with the largest American flag! He is a true patriot, and may he rest in peace.

The American flag is probably the greatest symbol for displaying pride, love, and passion in this stellar country. If you are trying to show neighbors, friends, and family your national pride, start by flying the American flag. Not sure where to purchase one? Allegiance Flag Supply will provide you with a quality flag that won’t disappoint.

From there, you can show your pride in many different ways other than flag flying. Get creative with home decor, wear the country’s colors, buy patriotic flowers, balloons, food, and games. Loved ones will definitely appreciate it (especially at an American holiday party).

It’s important to not only show pride in your country, but also understand the origins of our flag. It’s easy to become familiar with the history of the United States and its most well-known symbol; you just have to take a bit of time. We hope that reading this brought you one step closer to living out your national pride dreams!

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