When you love your country and want to show your allegiance, flying a beautifully crafted 3x5 American flag just outside your front door tells all your neighbors you are proud to be American. If you have ever tried to find a well-made American flag that is made in the United States, then you will know just how difficult it is. There are very few US flag stores that carry good quality flags, so when you want to show your patriotism, you go to the flag store that cares about their end product. A 3x5 flag is a nice size for the front porch, above the front door or standing tall and proud and raised high on a flagpole on the front lawn.
3x5 american flag
The construction of these flags is a time-honored process that dates back to when things were handmade right at home, not outsourced to overseas companies. To make a high-quality flag, you need to make sure it won't fall apart from the slightest wear and tear and that comes from reinforcement.

Four levels of reinforcement:

Proper base

Made with 200 denier nylon, the baseline of these flags ensures the product won't tear at the first sign of inclement weather and will be light enough to fly proudly in the breeze.


These flags are crafted with double-needle lock stitching so if one stitch goes, you don't have the whole flag falling apart. This is truly a sign of a well-made United States flag.

Added stabilization

Using bar tacking to reinforce stress points, these flags have added stabilization so they are always flying high and straight.

Grommet Strip

A strong grommet that is mold-resistant is used to stabilize the left-hand side of the flag and make the flag last longer.
The 3x5 flag is one of the best American flags to hang on the front porch of your home on a 6-foot Vermont white ash pole or flying from an 8-20-foot in-ground flagpole for all to see.
When you are shopping for a USA flag, you should be looking at an American flag store that sources parts from the US, hires US workers, and hand-makes every piece of the US flag with American materials. When you purchase your 3x5 flag you have the option of getting just the flag or having it pre-assembled.
3x5 american flag

What is in the 3x5 pre-assembled flag set?

If you have issues with your flag getting wrapped around the pole, then you should consider the pre-assembled set which includes:
  • A beautifully made 3x5 flag manufactured with 100% American materials and stitched and assembled by Americans.
  • Vermont White Ash Pole - this wood is one of the strongest and sturdiest you can use for your flag. There is a special protective coating to make sure it lasts in any weather
  • 2 non-tangle flag-pole spinners - These spinners are made with anodized aluminum and are designed to spin with your flag so the fabric doesn't get tangled around the pole.
  • A cast aluminum bracket for your flagpole so the pole is secure and the flag does not move in the highest winds.

Specifications for the 3x5 flag

  • 3 feet by 5 feet flag with embroidery
  • the flagpole is 1" in diameter and 6 feet long made with white ash
  • spinners are 1" in diameter
  • cast aluminum bracket including mounting screws and plastic anchors

Reasons to love your American flag

  • 100% USA-made, every bracket, screw, and piece of fabric is sourced in the United States
  • 100% American-owned and operated, jobs are given to local seamstresses and other workers who lost their jobs due to outsourcing overseas
  • Hand sown flags - the artistry of the flags comes from professional seamstresses who use special stitching to create a strong and long-lasting product
  • The superior stitching technique which double-stitches the hand-made flags ensures that if one stitch does get cut or unravel, the rest of the flag will stay in one piece and fly high
  • Nothing but the highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing of these flags. They are hand-crafted with 200 denier nylon, Vermont white ash for the flagpole, and anodized aluminum for the flagpole spinners so you don't have to keep unravelling the flag from the pole on windy days.
3x5 american flag
When you want to show your patriotism and hang an American flag outside your home, rest assured that these 3x5 US flags are 100% American-made with materials and a workforce found in the United States. They are made with high-quality materials and with such loving care that they will last you for years to come.