When the summer months come rolling in and it is time to hit the high seas, feel confident knowing you can get a boat flag set that will display your allegiance and pride as well as make it easier for you to install and dismantle at the end of the season. After boating season finishes, you can fold and store your flag safely knowing it will still be intact for day one of next year. Depending on the size of the boat and type, there are certain protocols that must be observed when flying the American flag on your boat. For personal boats that stay within the United States, the national flag should be the largest flag on the board and should be flown at the stern. Usually, a boat will have a holder for a fishing pole, so this flag set is designed to fit standard rod holders.

What comes with the 16" x 24" Boat Flag Set?

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A flag out at sea has different requirements than the ones that stay stationary at home, so for extra strength, this flag is made out of durable nylon. The fabric is finished with two types of stitching, zig-zag and bar-tack, that make it extra-stable when you zip through the fresh or salt water winds at high speeds.

16" x 24" American Flag

The flag that comes with this flag set is a handmade American flag with carefully embroidered stars that were lovingly made by American seamstresses working with 100% American materials. Each flag is hand stitched with two types of strong stitching to ensure that this flag you are displaying at sea will not unravel if one or two stitches come loose. Allegiance Flag Supply is an American flag store that supports American labor by only buying materials made in the United States and only hiring Americans t0 work with those materials.

Sturdy flagpole

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This American boat flag set also comes with a 4-foot flagpole that will fit any type of fishing rod holder. The pole is made out of fiberglass that is a 1/2-inch thick that will withstand any choppy waters or high winds. The flagpole also features a gimbal base, bungee, and adjustable clips to make sure the flagpole is extra secure and doesn't come loose at high speeds.
When it comes to national pride, you can't get any more patriotic than buying American flags made in the USA. When the founders of Allegiance Flag Supply set out to find a suitable American flag for their homes, they were surprised to find out that they couldn't find anything made in the United States that would fit their needs of quality, durability, and 100% American-made materials. So they set out to make sure their US flag store sold the USA flag that would be high quality, American-made and American-sourced.

Some boat flag etiquette tips

When you are setting sail this season, make sure you know the proper etiquette for the American flag when it comes to displaying one on your boat. It may seem like a small thing, but before there were electronics and sophisticated communication devices, flags were used to communicate on the seas with other vessels nearby. The proper flag to use for display on any kind of boat is called the US Ensign which is Old Glory, the traditional flag the United States has had for the last 50 years. The flag should be flown from the stern of the boat only while the boat is occupied. That includes when it is anchored.
If you are a yacht owner and part of a yacht club, there are certain protocols around the raising and lowering of the flags, and they also have rules around different types of flags. The long and short of it is that around 8 am the flag is placed on the staff and then removed at sunset. It is also customary to fly a courtesy flag for the country you are a guest in if you are traveling long distances with your boat. The courtesy flag should be displayed higher than the national flag for the amount of time you are in that country. Placement on the boat is dictated by the type of boat you are on.
When you want to take your patriotism to the sea and show those vessels around you your national pride, the 16" x 24" Boat Flag Set will check off all the boxes. This flag is beautifully designed by American seamstresses working for a flag company that supports American companies.
Salif Thomas