Essential Accessory Set

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Essential Accessory Set

Essential Accessory Set

"Quality is what an American flag should be. Very very happy with purchase. Highly recommend." - Shirley W.

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  • Proudly Made in the USA: With all materials sourced and made in the USA, our Accessory Set reflects our commitment to supporting domestic industries and ensuring the highest quality standards.
  • Complete Set: Equip yourself with everything you need to display your flag with pride, including a top-quality flag pole, sturdy bracket, and non-tangle spinners for hassle-free installation and maintenance.
  • Flag Stabilization: Keep your flag flying high and proud with non-tangle flag pole spinners made from durable powder-coated zinc, ensuring it stays unfurled and visible. All are proudly made in America to support local jobs and industries.
  • Premium Materials: The essential accessory set features a 6' Vermont White Ash flagpole, 1" in diameter, and a cast aluminum flag pole bracket, guaranteeing longevity and sturdiness.
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    As Seen In

    If There’s One Thing That Should Be Made In America, It’s The American Flag

    When friends Max Berry, Wes Lyon, and Katie Lyon purchased their first homes, they searched for a high-quality American flag to fly. But they all soon encountered the exact same problem; finding a high-quality American flag that was made in the USA.Purchases from Amazon and big box stores resulted in flags that quickly deteriorated, wrapped around their flagpole, and were often made overseas.If the flags they bought were made domestically, they were often mass-produced with low quality materials. After an exhaustive search for a flag worthy of our country’s colors, everything came up short.

    That was unacceptable. So they decided to make it themselves, launching Allegiance Flag Supply in Charleston, SC in 2018.

    The Proof Is In Our Process

    When our parents and grandparents made something, they made it here in America, and they built it to last! We wanted to bring that same level of quality back, so here’s how we ensure our flags are always a cut above the rest:


    Every flag needs a proper base. The baseline of our flags is American-sourced, first-run, 200 denier nylon. Durable enough to withstand harsh elements, but lightweight enough to catch a breeze.


    Extra protection, so no shreds & tatters after flying for just a short time. Each flag is fortified with double needle lock-stitching… so if one stitch breaks, it won’t continue to unravel.


    Our hands-on process means your flag isn't going anywhere. Stress points are reinforced with bar tacking for added stabilization & each flag is hand-crafted to perfection. Every stitch. Every hem. Every thread.

    When you get your flag from Allegiance Flag Supply, you’re getting more than just a flag: you’re helping to build & sustain American pride, American jobs, and the American dream.

    • Hand-Crafted Quality You Can Depend On

    • The US-Based Customer Service You Deserve

    • Crafting Flags & Creating Jobs in the USA

    Why You’ll Love Your Allegiance Flag