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Our flags are proudly made right here in the USA by skilled seamstresses, helping to bring American textile manufacturing back to American soil.

Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

"This is one happy Veteran right here! Thank you for the awesome made in the USA Product!!!!"
— John S.
"The flag, pole, and parts are all high quality... The more I look out at it the more I love it! Thank You!"
— Gerard D.
"We were so happy with the quality stitching and overall product. We love it! I’m proud to fly these flags."
— Robert R.
"We can get up to 75 mph winds where we live and your flags can take it. Thank you for your outstanding American made flags!!!"
— Chip S.
"Beyond my expectations! Quality and class. Old flag couldn’t be walked by without tangling. This one has solved the problem."
— Richard G.
"I am 6 months in to my Allegiance flag, and I promise it is in as good of condition as it was when I took it out of the box."
— Steve B.

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High-Quality American Flags, Made in the USA

Love high-quality products that are made in America? Then you’re in the right place. By choosing Allegiance, you’re choosing to support Americans who are just as passionate about quality as you are.

Flag Set Features

Embroidered Star Field

Our stars are embroidered; not printed. Sure, it takes longer and is more expensive but embroidered stars last longer and look better.

Superior Fabric and Stitching

For a flag that will last, fly superior nylon fabric with double needle lock-stitching and bar tacking. Our mold-resistant grommet strip adds extra stability and durability.

Non-tangle Flagpole Spinners

American Flags are meant to fly—not tangle. Our Non-Tangle Flagpole Spinners are made with heavy-duty, ball bearings that will keep your flag flying; not wrapping.

Sturdy Bracket and Flagpole

A Cast Aluminum Bracket paired with a Vermont White Ash Flagpole ensures your flag will stay put.

Our Non-Profit Partners

Allegiance supports organizations that directly benefit and uphold the dignity of American lives. We’re proud to give back to those who gave their all for us.

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