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About Us

The Story

After saying “I do” and moving into their first home together in their hometown of Charleston, SC, Katie and Wes Lyon were eager to fly an American flag. Their expectations were simple; to fly a high-quality flag made in the USA. To their surprise, purchases from Amazon and hardware stores resulted in flags that quickly deteriorated, wrapped around their flag pole, and were often made overseas. After an exhaustive search for a flag worthy of our country’s colors, everything came up short. They decided to create a solution.

Teaming up with childhood friend, Max Berry, they began working with a third-generation, family-owned factory in Georgia. Many of these seamstresses saw their jobs disappear as American textile manufacturing moved overseas. Together, they worked tirelessly testing fabrics and exploring sewing techniques to create the perfect flag. Finally, Allegiance was born. Max, Wes and Katie take pride that every Allegiance flag is hand-sewn by American seamstresses using only the highest quality materials.

The Method

We found the usual way of buying flags to be confusing. Endless size, fabric, and hardware options make it difficult to know what works best. Even worse, many American flags are being made overseas. We’ve searched our great country to bring you the highest quality flags and accessories made right here in the USA.

All of our flags are hand-sewn—like they were in the old days—from nylon, a material strong enough to keep them looking good in the elements but still lightweight enough to catch a breeze. Our stitch strategy is pretty rock solid, too. To start, we use Tex 70 nylon thread. We also employ double needle lock stitching, which means if one stitch breaks, it won’t continue to unravel. Our flags’ stress points are reinforced with bar tacking for stabilization. Finally, each is finished with a zig-zag stitch around its border, an uncommon last layer of fortification that has become our signature.

Our flag accessories follow the same criteria: built to last. For our poles, we uncovered a material worthy of flying Allegiance flags- Vermont White Ash. Appropriately sourced in the state of Freedom and Unity, this wood couldn't be anymore solid. Allegiance’s flagpole rings are crafted with heavy-duty anodized aluminum; made to last a lifetime. They will rotate and spin around your pole as your flag is blown in the breeze. This prevents your flag from wrapping around your pole, which is a huge issue with many household flags. And finally, our sturdy cast iron bracket is the perfect mount for your Allegiance flagpole. That thing isn’t going anywhere.

The Finished Product

We take pride at Allegiance in delivering the best American flags and accessories available on the market today. Pride in our country is important to us and we believe you should look your best when showing it. We're modern, American patriots and feel lucky to live in a country where we can spread that message, one flag at a time. #showallegiance