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About Us

the makers

Deep in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina, we are bringing back our American roots with USA-made flags crafted the way our forefathers would have.

Our inspiration is simple: we grew sick and tired of replacing our flags every few months after they would rip and fade. After an exhaustive search for an upgrade, every flag we tried came up short. We just wanted a flag we could trust to last longer in the elements, and more importantly, was actually MADE IN AMERICA.

And so, Allegiance was born.

We take pride that every Allegiance flag is hand-sewn by American seamstresses using only the highest quality materials.

the method

Our flags are hand-sewn—like they were in the old days—from 400 denier nylon, a material strong enough to keep them looking good in the elements but still lightweight enough to catch a breeze. Our stitch strategy is pretty rock solid, too. To start, the thread we use is strong. Really strong. We also employ double needle lock stitching on our flags, which means if one stitch breaks, it won’t continue to unravel. Our flags’ stress points are reinforced with extra stitching to prevent them from fraying. Finally, each is finished with a zig-zag stitch, an uncommon last layer of fortification that has become our signature.